On this episode we will look at some haunted locations in and around Detroit

On this edition we will look at the Flat Earth theory then debunk the hell out of it using SCIENCE.

On this very special edition we will talk about the recent news articles regarding the US navy and their visits by "tic-tac" shaped UFOs

On this edition I will tell you listener paranormal stories! These are fantastic and true tales of the paranormal from the listeners own lives

On this edition we will see if time travelers are real? Is there any proof? Have they come back and left clues? Are they listening to this podcast?

on this edition we take a long look at black triangle UFOs. How long have they been seen? Where have they been seen? Can they be explained?


Call them what you want, reptoids, reptillians, lizard people! Do they exist?

Also what is their connection to a rumored underground base in Dulce

even more conspiracy theories that a LOT of people online believe...some get debunked, some are unexplainable, some are just plain stupid...but some are real?

More ancient and mysterious objects! Some proven to be real most debunked out of the water!

Are superpowers real? On this edition we look at a bunch of people with superpowers, some cool some disgusting

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