On this edition lets talk about 2 well technically 3 odd lesser known UFO encounters.

On this edition lets talk cursed objects with author JW Ocker author of Cursed Objects: Strange but True Stories of the World's Most Infamous Items.

You can see more of his work at


On this edition lets talk with author Lisa O'Hara (author of Abducted and Furious how I fought back and how you can too) available now on Amazon.com. Lisa is an abductee and candidly shares her experiences in hopes of finding other abductees like her.


On this live edition we get so many great callers about mediums, ghost cats, time slips and more!!! This was a jammed pack all caller unedited edition!

On this edition I interview Richard D Lewis, author of The Paranormal Christian: bridging the gap between unusual experiences and the biblical worldview

*WARNING* This is a VERY Christian episode all about Christianity and the paranormal, this conversation will not be the usual Paranormal Almanac, it's a more serious conversation and won't appeal to everyone.

On this edition lets see if there have ever been dead bigoot bodies recovered and what happened to them?

On this edition lets go way back and look at some lesser known possible UFO sightings around the world pre 1900

on this edition lets keep going with even more lesser known cryptids plus a supersized version of paranormal news!

On this edition I talk to callers Ken, Sam and Mainardo to hear their personal paranormal experiences!

On this edition lets talk about some lesser known cryptids from around the world.


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