On this edition lets hear some stories of premonitions that came true and also some tips on how to increase your premonitions.

on this edition lets talk about unusual ghost stories.

On this episode lets talk about real deaths or injuries that happened because of the paranormal

On this edition I talk....and talk.... I have an exclusive interview with a person who was working in the Navy onboard a ship that witnessed the UFOs that have been all over the news. Theres ghosts, possessions, updates, debunks, ufos, bigfoots, and very special guest Elijah Hendrickson


On this edition lets take a look at famous and not so famous paranormal hoaxes.

On this edition lets take a look at even more exorcisms, demonic possessions and stories of people who swore the devil made them kill

On this edition lets look at some compelling reincarnation stories and research

On this edition we scoured through archival newspaper articles to tel you the tales of Sasquatch exactly as they were written back then.

On this edition lets bounce around the globe talking about haunted hotels you can stay in! From New York to South Africa and most places in between.

On this edition lets take a look at two very different UFO crashes in Brazil, one with UFO fragments and the other with an alien body!

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