on this edition lets take a closer look at pukwudgies

On this bonus edition I get to chat with Noreen Renier, psychic detective that worked on over 400 cases with law enforcement


On this edition lets look at Psychics that have solved cases for law enforcement around the world.

On this edition lets talk a little about Ed and Lorraine Warren, a little about the devil made me do it case and an interview with Jeff Belanger about discovery+’s newest shock doc, Shock Docs: The Devil Made Me Do It that premiered Friday, June 11th

On this edition lets look at all the paranormal stuff seen in and around Iceland!

On this live bonus edition Mac read tarot cards for the listeners

you can book her for a private reading at StrangeLikeThat.com

On this edition lets take a look at some more haunted cemeteries and graveyards around the world

some amazing calls, stories and an EVP on this edition!

On this edition lets talk about haunted cemeteries and graveyards.

On this edition lets debunk a bunch of UFO sightings!

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