this is a long one but a great one!!! Please enjoy this bonus call in episode!

On this edition lets close down March with an episode all about haunted Ireland.

another in the quarantine series!! more great callers! more great stories of the paranormal

a completely unedited live rambling facebook live episode. You can listen to it along while watching the facebook live event. We are all quarantined so I figured why not live call in chat with everyone. If you are skipping please dont skip the callers I got so many amazing personal paranormal experiences tonight!! this is a bonus episode so just enjoy it or skip it :)

on this edition lets look at some bizarre mysteries

On this edition lets take a look at some bizarre ghost encounters, not your typical footsteps or bumps in the night

On this edition lets talk about the Poltergeist movie curse and the true story that inspired the film!!!

On this edition lets take a look at some bizarre UFO encounters that happened in California

new merch means a new episode!!! An all Bigfoot extravaganza!!!!

On this edition lets deep dive the Majestic 12 documents. Are they real? Are they a hoax? Who made them and why!

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