On this edition lets bounce around the globe talking about haunted hotels you can stay in! From New York to South Africa and most places in between.

On this edition lets take a look at two very different UFO crashes in Brazil, one with UFO fragments and the other with an alien body!

On this edition lets take a look at paranormal incidents in Chernobyl and all around Russia.


On this edition we will take a look at real life stories of Blobs found after meteor showers

on this edition we will deep dive reports of UFOs over nuclear sites around the world and throughout the decades

on this edition I will read to you some incredible listener real UFO stories!


On this edition lets talk about some real haunted homes that are up for sale right now! Buy the haunted house of your dreams today!

on this edition we will talk about real Men in Black encounters

On this edition lets take a look at a list of the most haunted places in Australia.

On this edition  lets look at a few UFO cults from around the world...including my own personal story about Heavens Gate

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