On this live caller edition lets talk about ghostly women on the side of the road, shadow people, hauntings, Pineal gland, witches, old west hauntings and more!!!!

On this edition lets talk about the future,the past and everything in between!

On this very special live edition my friend Caitlin asked for a summerween live show for her birthday!

So enjoy this extra spooktacular all caller edition!

On this bonus edition we have some great calls and a couple of stories about UFOs and bigfoot

On this edition lets talk all about Canadian haunted locations eh?

This one has a bit of everything! great callers with shadow people, levitation, ghosts, voices, a ghost in the machine during recording?, premonitions, and a possible EVP???

On this edition lets talk, ghosts, cat ghosts, demons, and MURDERERS!!! Thats right I get a couple of calls about serial killers! Sta sexy and Dont F*&ing Shoot Bigfoot

on this supersized edition lets talk all UFOs, the history, the future, the sightings, the bases plus an interview with Gabe Zeifman!

listeners stories and live calls!

All great calls, premonitions, shadowmen, ghosts, psychics, UFOs

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