All great calls, premonitions, shadowmen, ghosts, psychics, UFOs

An all awesome caller edition!!! enjoy!

Another great call in show! great calls, great topics and one not so great Mayan prediction!

On this edition lets talk about the USS Kidd tic tac UFO encounter and listener calls about ghosts, UFOs and more!!!

Another great all callers live bonus edition!

On this edition lets talk some more about incredible interactions with lake monsters(not a monster) and sea serpents

On this edition lets look at more glitches in the matrix and Mandela Effects!

right off the bat we have EVPs, ghosts, UFOs, Hatman Demon, residual or time slip hauntings and more!!!

All great call-ins and stories from listeners.

on this live bonus edition I tell you all about the cult I joined for the podcast then we get right into calls about kid ghosts, piano ghosts, mouse demons, shadow people,civil war ghosts?, sleep paralysis, Jesse James ghost and more!

On this edition lets talk about a brand new/current possible UFO crash in Mage' Brazil and also lets deep dive spontaneous human combustion

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